In the earlier interviews you were called “The Guest from the Past”. Your style is really aged; it reminds the icon women from the Hollywood. How did you come to this?

Thank you! It is a real compliment for me to hear such words. It means that my inner world was understood correctly but most probably it was evaluated differently. I was certainly inspired by the characters of previous epoch again and again. It was like a merry-go-round for me. I was even afraid to become underdone. When I was trying different styles I like on, I was always interpreting them through the perspective of my private judgment and my attitude. Every style consists of a lot of details.

It is not even a part of me now; it is the whole me. Even being in a certain style I keep being myself. As it happens, the past gives rise to passion in me. The past is the Golconda of inspiration; it helps me to create my present where I am happy right here and right now.

How did your life and career change after participation in the TV program “The Voice”?

I thank the fortune with whole my heart for getting the chance to draw the winning ticket, I mean the possibility to participate in such wonderful TV program! The unique experience, meeting new talented people, the illusion of success and fame that I was able just to touch makes me feel euphoria and happiness. It gives me the possibility to share my energy, voice, feelings and soul with the people.

A lot of things have changed, particularly my attitude to the people, my values. Even the participation in the global TV program is the challenge for all of us. Only the time will show how we cope with the challenge and this is already a part of the story of my life.


You continue studying and it seems that you are on tour. How can you combine this? How tight the schedule of an artist Romanova is?

Really, I have time-schedule for every day. You know, I like it very much. It is better to be busy and to develop yourself than to regret about the missed days of your precious life. Everyone must surely find oneself, must feel the way, must not be afraid of ups and downs, must love life and must bring the warmth by their talents and capabilities. Everyone has them. Sometimes I come or even creep back home but this exhaustion becomes even pleasant because of the day`s productiveness. After such days I fall asleep feeling satisfaction and I recognize that I did not waste the day. I can`t only come to terms with early wake-ups. I like to sleep but for today it is a real luxury.


It is not the secret that Russia is the TV country. What is the attitude of your family members and dear ones towards your triumph on the main patriotic TV program? Did the relations change after you became not just “Singer Romanova” but “One and Only Romanova”?

Of course my relatives were overwhelmed with pride, but the relations remained the same. They are perfect and sincere. I do not even think that this is a triumph; it is just a pleasant push in my career. This push pulled me into the whirlpool of art. I can`t imagine my life without it.

My dear ones are happy for my every achievement that the destiny presents to me. Personally I value the achievements that I deserve. I can tell myself: “I am proud of you, Romanova! You did a lot of work. You did everything you planned! Good of you!”

It is very useful to praise yourself. Moreover in case you are extremely self-critical. I do not remember who said the following: “Talk positively about yourself, praise yourself! The source will be forgotten but the information will remain!” Fun is fun but it is too early to relax.


You are quite an active user of social nets, your Facebook, social networking page VKontakte, your Instargram are constantly updated. Do you messaging yourself or somebody is helping you?

Oh, yes. This is a modern social scourge. However it helps to get a lot of useful, as well as useless, information. The most important advantage is that you have a possibility to get information really fast and you can communicate with people all over the world. I have my personal social networking pages in Instagram, Facebook and VKontakte.

The last one I use not successfully. I use VKontakte only for an access to the informational group of RUTA (The Russian University of Theatre Arts) in order to be updated regarding the studying. But I am an active user of the rest 2 social networks. For the moment I am able to update two pages myself, hope no one will invent something new.

For example, I intentionally do not register on Periscope because I am afraid I`ll like it. There are also official social networking pages that are updated by my work team. There are some nice pages that are updated by the fans. I thank them for this.


You are a marketing specialist by profession. Why did you decide to change your life in such a big way and devote whole life to stage? Was it a difficult decision?

Generally my first higher education didn`t change my intention and ambition, that I had from my early childhood, to sing and to develop myself as an artist. It was a stage in my life my parents insisted on. They dream about my getting practice education. I don`t regret it at all.

For the moment I can easily discuss everything with my PR agents and managers. We share in the common cause. It even turned out that I am quite goon in this sphere.


The gross audience got to know about you by “The Voice” where you were performing the old-fashioned hit songs. Do you have your own repertory?

Now I am effectively working at my new original material. It will reflect my inner condition and even world. It will be fully out of “frames”.

I want to create something I will be proud of. I do not want to be influences by any standards. The music is ephemeral. You either like it or not. The people must evaluate but not the editors of one or another radio station.

It`s me who will live with these songs and music I present people. My self-expression is born together with my creativity. That is why very soon I will represent for the judgment of the audience a part of my soul.

I can`t keep from asking about your phenomenon beauty. How can you keep yourself in such an excellent shape (diets, sport)? Please share your secret with our followers.

My secret is simple. It is not even a secret. Enough sleep, healthy food (not much but often, no useless diets), active lifestyle… I like dancing, of course yoga starting from 15 years, playing golf in summer. The most important is love, when the woman is in love she irradiates beauty and happiness. You have to love not only by your heart but by your mind. It will be in a good cause for your mental and physical health. I know it from my own experience…


During one of the interviews you told that your heart is occupied. Can you please give us some details about your life partner? Who is he? What does he do? How did you get acquainted?

He is a great person. That`s it for now.


A lot of participants of famous TV programs disappear in few years after appearing for the moment on the screens and getting their part of fame. What is better in such situation? How do you see your future career development? Do you have any ambitious plans?

Yes, unfortunately it happens this way. Someone could just become disappointed in the profession he has chosen. They might just change their profession. Someone was not able to manage. Actually nothing has changed. Before, as well as after the program everything depends on you.

We were heard and seen. Everything depends on us now. The most valuable present we got from this project is the audience. This audience has biased attitude to me, I can`t let them down. I move only forward with my love. As far I have power to move. I will try to inspire, to cheer up, to change myself and people around the way I can, feel and like.


Prepared by the editor staff of website «April» (Source)
The photos by Petr Kolchyn

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